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Home Repair Services
Kitchen Design - Your #1 resource for all your Kitchen Design needs.

Home Repair Services is a non-profit organization that serves and empowers lower-income homeowners throughout Kent County, MI. We invite you to join us in strengthening neighborhoods and the community.

Wainscoting Long Island is an invaluable resource for accentuating your home with visually appealing applications of wainscot. It instantly adds character, style and a sense of history to a home. Installing these elements also enhances the architectural decor of any room.
EZRip Drywall Tools Makes Drywall Cutting Extremely Simple. We don't just provide the finest drywall tools in the world, we offer over 20 years of experience in developing super-fast drywall cutting tools!
Things to Consider When Planning for Home Remodeling Mainly people deal wіth kitchen аnd bathroom remodeling аnd thеу аlѕο remain vital, save fοr mіght nοt bе really nесеѕѕаrу fοr аll rank οf homes, уου need tο mаkе уουr extent according уουr needs.
Affordable Home Repair Services - Appliance, Air Condition & General Home Repairs!
O'Neill Home Repair Service - O'Neill Home Repair Service serves the Montgomery County, Maryland area.
For Professional Handyman Services Call House Doctors - Call House Doctors for your handyman, home repair and home improvement needs!
American Home Repair Service - Here at Essentials For Your Home™ we are dedicated to bringing you the best service on the web for ordering home/property essentials online and helping you keep your appliances running efficiently. Our extensive inventory includes refrigerator parts, washing machine parts, dishwasher parts, dryer parts, microwave parts, water filters, range hoods, range parts, ice makers, HVAC, essentials and more.
Y-Mar Home Repairs and Renovation Home repair and renovation service serving businesses and private residences in the New York City metropolitan area. Advice for the small builder and homeowner requiring the services of a builder.
London home improvement, renovations, building specialists
Quality building, maintenance, repair services and more in North and East London areas - we are contractors undertaking all property improvement, renovation jobs from A to Z.
Electrical Suppliers
Hardware Stores