What is Your hourly rate?

We price by the job, and do not have an hourly rate. We will give you a firm written quote before we start and work so you will know your costs before you commit and not after the job is done.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is $126 for any work preformed.

Do you have a fee to come over?

If you are ready to have work done that day, we do not have a fee, if you are only looking for a quote, you may be charged a fee if we make a special trip. We will refund a portion of that fee when we do the work.

Who will do the work?

All the work will be done by the craftsman who meets with you and provides you with our quote. He is one of our highly skilled employees, not a sub-contractor, who has been selected based on the type of work you told us was needed.

Are you insured?

All in One is licensed as a plumber, electrician, and general contractor, CLSB 789782, and we carry both liability and worker's compensation insurance.


Garbage Disposal not working

If your disposal hums but does not turn, it is jammed. Most of the time it can be freed up, please see attached web site which offers an excellent set of old solutions. If they don't work call us.

Lights and or outlets not working

More than likely you have tripped a GFCI outlet which is in place to protect you against electrical shock. It's one of those funny outlets with 2 buttons. Look in your kitchen and bathrooms and reset and GFCIs you find by pressing the reset button. That should do it. If not, look in your garage, maybe the refrigerator out. If that doesn't do it, or a GFCI wont reset, call us.

How to hold down the cost for the work

In most cases, the preparation and clean up can take as much or more time than the work itself. If you can do some of that work we don't, the savings go to you. Clear the work site so we can get right to work. Have the materials on hand in unopened packages. Keep all pets and children out of the area. Don't look over our shoulders let us work alone.

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