Ready to make your home more comfortable and save money at the same time. Such a deal and by the way, it's good for the environment too. Consider some of the following simple low cost home repairs and home improvements, and give us a call to start enjoying their benefits right now.

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Seal Your Doors, Windows, and even your Electrical Outlets 
            Keep the cold drafts out, and your heating bill down.

Stop Those Leaks!!

            Leaky faucets and toilets are money down the drain.

Install a programmable thermostat

            Why heat and cool your house when you're not there?

Change your heater filter

            You'll breathe easier, especially when you see your utility bill.

Insulate your water heater and associated piping

            It makes a lousy space heater.

Install a ceiling fan

            It circulates heat during the winter and cools you in the summer.

Install motion sensor lights

            They are only on when you need them.

Install low flow or dual flush toilets, and shower heads

            The less water you use the more money you save.

Add focused recessed lighting

            Why light the whole room just so you can see your desk?

Add window coverings

            Adding shades or blinds reduces energy use and provides privacy.

Install an awning or pergola over your large view window

            Keep the sun out and add a new shaded area to your yard.

Install a new window or door

            Even changing just one can make a big difference.

Change your light bulbs to florescent or LEDs

            They will lower your utility bill and last a lot longer.
For more check out what PGE has to say about energy saving.

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Whether you need a home repair service, a home improvement, or a complete bathroom remodel, you'll be glad you did!

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